The Small Distance Between Time and Space! is the 157th episode of the Advanced Generation series and the 431st episode of the Wikimon Anime.

Episode TranscriptEdit

Narrator: Our heroes continue their adventures in a Pokemon Center in Fuschia City!

Epic: *feeding Bonsly with bottle* 

Nurse Jess: Rhonda, your Squirtle is all healed up and ready to go. ;3

Epic: *rushes up to her* You know what else is ready to go? My love for you--

  • Bonsly smashes into Epic knocking him into the ground. Bidoof begins to eat Bonsly's food, causing it to cry

Epic: *picks up Bonsly* Calm down, it'll be fine...

Toad: This is weirder than usual, so...I'm gonna go outside and train. *Toad and Sneasel walk outside*

Squirtle: Squirt squirt! *follows the two*

Rhonda: Wait up! *follows Squirtle*

---CK, OHF, and Meowth are spying---

OHF: Is that the twerpette?

  • Squirtle stops running as it reaches an abandoned area

Rhonda: Squirtle? SQUIRTLE?

  • Rhonda comes across the abandoned area as well, and sees a picture


Squirtle: Squirt squirt!

  • Rhonda runs towards Squirtle, and finds an old lady holding it
  • Rain begins to fall, and a young girl walks in

Girl person: Hi, Marge!

Marge: Hello, Crystal.

Crystal: I brought you your umbrella!

Marge: Thank you.

  • Marge grabs umbtrella and goes down to train platform, leaving pictures that look like a younger her
  • Toad trains while CK spies on him

Toad: Alright Sneasel, use Double-Edge!

  • Sneasel starts Double-Edge, and the power of the ttack when it crashes into the target sends the shattered pieces flying into CK
  • OHF also spies on Epic and Nate as they eat the food inside.
  • Rhonda and Crystal sit on ledge

Crystal: That picture is Marge from when she was younger. She used to own and operate a super popular breeding center. 

  • Meowth is spying on the two 
  • Flashback
  • Edna runs as she sees a train with her husband onit, but  crashes into a man and her amulet breaks.
  • End of flashback


Rhonda: What's wrong?


Nurse Jess: Oh, that means it's about to hatch ;3


Rhonda: What?


Rhonda: What? *runs off*

  • Rhonda runs  back to the abandoned city and finds Meowth sitting on a bench

Rhonda: What are YOU doing here?

Squirtle: Squirt! *points to ground where Edna's lost amulet sits*

  • Light starts emitting from the mulet,May and the three are sent back in time
  • Rhonda and Meowth race down the train platform and find the tree that was in the first picture

Rhonda: I think we were sent back in time!

Meowth: To when dat grandma's husband was leavin'!

  • Marge's husband walks by
  • Security kicks Rhonda and Meowth out of the station
  • Marge goes to the train station to reach her husband

Conductor: All abord! 

  • Rhonda and Meowth get in a baloon
  • Rhonda and Meowth ascend to the sky
  • Rhonda gets Squirtle to use Ice Beam at the sky, causing snow
  • Train is halted
  • Edna reaches her husband
  • They decide to stay
  • Mysterious light glows around the amulet again and Rhonda/Meowth go back
  • The city is filled with people and Toad, Epic, and Max, walk over to Rhonda
  • They rush to the Pokemon Center where Marge and her husband are
  • The egg hatches into Munchlax
  • Episode ends

Major EventsEdit

  • Rhonda's Egg hatches into Munchlax

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